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Audio & Video Editing

Master of Mulitimedia

audio & video editing training in trichy

The Advanced Video / Audio Editing course will give you the ability to take on many roles within the film making process. Beginning with scriptwriting, storyboarding and character development, you will have the opportunity to be a producer, director and cinematographer. Beyond that, you’ll master the editing suite and use rendering and output applications to bring new dimensions to your movie editing work.

Course Outline

There are basically three steps involved in Visual Effects

  • Module 1.Non Linear Editing and composting- It involves capturing of audio and video information in the hard disc of your computer, and then, using number of software you can edit them as per the need.
  • Module 2.Visual Effects- During the course various specialized applications and plug-ins will be taught for mastering the art of VFx.
  • Module 3.Match movie and Packaging- The course involves studying of high quality digital images, dynamics, matching of camera, shot planning and keying factors of Chrome and finally all bringing together to create stunning show reel of work.

Career Opportunities
  • Role Of An Editor
  • Basics Of Multimedia
  • Concepts Of Editing
  • Genres & Styles
  • Using The Digital Editing System
  • Overview Of Digital Post Production
  • Analysis Various Styles
  • Basics Of Compositing and VFX
  • Dramatic Continuity
  • Composite & Component Signals
  • Film and Video Editing
Tools Covered
audio & video editing courses in trichy audio & video editing training in trichy audio & video editing courses in trichy


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The office was extremely proficient and there were no issues with availability. Our teacher was a specialist and was clear in his technique for instructing. Every one of my inquiries were addressed and the class association was great. I would take another course with Inymart Digi Solutions."
audio & video editing courses in trichy
Video Editing
I never took a remote training before but I will highly recommend this type of training. It felt relaxed and at a nice place that I feel I came away with lots to use at my workplace.Thank you! Inymart Digi Solutions"
audio & video editing training in trichy
Video Editing

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